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How to view html page in your browser

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How to view html page in your browser

Navigate your terminal window to a project and run the appropriate command: Static sites. If you’re only using .html files, you’ll need to use the server mode. Browsersync will start a mini-server and provide a URL to view your site. browser-sync start --server --files "css/*.css" Dynamic sites Just append your src attribute with an appropriate URL to a specific doc viewer, it will download your file from URL and then generate an HTML page from it, and then you direct your iframe to it and voila! Of course… there are some limitations to this but not as bad as you might think. Preview files with Google Docs Viewer

If you have a .html file in a Github repository and want to view that page directly you would typically download or clone the repo to your local hard drive and run it from there. There is an easier waySimply navigate to the repo in your Github account that contains a HTML file as shown below:Right-click the index.html file and select copy link address.Make it public and publish it. Now you can upload the index.html file here. If you type (username).github.io in your browser, you will see your web page. You can now add more files and images and link them to your index.html page. So, if you are familiar with GitHub its one of the best way to publish your first website.

If the document does not end in .html (or one of the html-like wrappers, like ASP or PHP), then IE or other browser has no way of knowing that you want the file interpreted as HTML, not plaintext; if you pass the browser a plaintext file, it will interpret it as plaintext.Now, there are a few possible reasons why the browser cannot find the image. You might have one problem going on, or all of them. Let's go through the following exercises to see if maybe we can narrow down the problem. First, try putting the image in the same folder as your html document...